Day 15 – The first person I met in Alberta



Moving to good old Alberta was one of the most difficult things I have ever done in my life. I knew it was the right move to support my husband as he moved forward with an amazing company in the petro-chemical field but it was a far cry from Victoria, my home for my entire life.

I quickly realized I needed to venture out into the big metropolis of Sherwood Park and find a “nail lady”. If I was going to mope and live in a state of sad despair I was going to go out doing it with damn good nails. Nothing else seemed to matter, and in truth, my nails for the first while were the only happy thing I could connect with.

This brings me to the first person I met and really connected with in Sherwood Park. This would be my vibrant, slightly electric and most definitely unique, one of a kind nail lady, (T.S.). I was immediately taken with her personality as she was loud, fun and totally engaging. She lives life full and true to herself. (T.S.) is a loyal soul and one of the most hard-working people I have met.

I love her zest for life and that can-do attitude. (T.S.) is that girl that will plow out her entire backyard and re-do it, the kick-boxing queen and the loyal, caring dog lover. She has many hats and is phenomenal at all of them. She dresses like a rockstar. I will never forget the plastic heels that looked perfect on her. I was so jealous that I even went and bought some but, who was I kidding, I was NEVER going to be able to pull that gig off. I love that she can bullshit with me at the best of times but in the next moment can be empathetic and be such a non-judgemental and kind listener. Why in her right mind did she keep taking me back each month, I have no idea as I started off every nail visit bitching about the horribleness of living here and how everyone in Alberta classifies as a hillbilly. Such ignorance from me and truly so uncalled for. Fear, I guess, of the new unknown.

She is that person that rallied me and continues to value me. I felt so honoured when I had my 40th birthday party and while we live different lives, she made the effort to come over and share my special day with me. (T.S.) is that person you want in your corner. She is strong, compassionate, loving and truly a dynamic person that will always help you and get the job done right. I cannot thank her enough for being that first person I met here and opening my world up in Alberta and showing friendship and warmth. Sometimes, looking back, I am not sure if I would have survived living here if it hadn’t been for her. I am delighted that she is one of those people still in my life 12 years later and she will always be that first special person. The one who got me, valued me and built my strengths rather than pulling apart my weaknesses and focusing on them. I am not sure I would be here today feeling so rich and solid without the kindness she offered to me. Peace and love my dear friend (T.S.), you are a find example of a stellar human being!


This is Day 15 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. Yeah! Halfway there. If you want to follow along with all of us “challengers”, click on their links below. We appreciate you reading along with us.

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