Day 19 – A person that opened her life and family to me.


Back on track….. this is today’s blog as it is suppose to be. Sorry for two today! However who can beat reading up-lifting stories of amazing people. Enjoy!

This is a tough blog to write, not because I do not have good things to say but I honestly do not know where to begin. I guess it makes sense to give some history and share the journey of my friendship with (A.W.) and how she has made a difference in my life. I have been talking about how people come into my life for a reason and I am most certain (A.W.) did in mine for so many more reasons than I really get yet. I suspect she could also blog around me as really this is her past-time amazing skill, she is a truly a wonderful blogger that I look up to. Check out:

So here it begins, our meeting of fate occurred at Res 18 almost 11 years ago. Sitting here brings up so many memories of our time supporting young men with disabilities and making sure they had a stellar home to live in. I worked the day shift and she worked the evening shift but we crossed over and it was clear that over time, we were supposed to be friends. During our time at the home (A.W.) had the patience of a saint. Her calm presence with the guys and her ability to multi-task to optimize her time was what she was all about. (A.W.) is not a waster of time, she is hard-working and wants to get the job done so she can move onto med sheets, laundry and baking. She was the baker in the house, leaving delicious chocolate cookies, rice krispie treats and the ever famous (or possibly not so famous) bran muffins. (A.W.) is not a complainer, she has a positive outlook and always looks at how things can become better rather than staying status quo.

Our time moved past working at Robin Hood Association as did our friendship. She opened up her family and invited my husband and I over for many special family dinners, hanging around the fire pit, watching not so cool shows on TV (well they did give us a laugh on Friday nights. Who can forget Kinks? lol). Time continued to move forward and she shared one of the greatest joys with us, allowing her children to see us as Auntie Tracy and Uncle Drew. We do not have our own children and do not have close nieces and nephews so this was a treasured opportunity. We became part of her family and were invited to family functions. Over time, we also got invited out to her side of the family, the (H) clan. We have shared glorious times playing games, visiting, making food, fire pits, crazy outside games, shopping, trips and so much more.

Something that sticks out as super special to me about (A.W.) is how she always knew how to just be that person when someone needs someone. My husband was travelling out of town a ton and she always left an open invitation for me to phone up and ask what was for dinner and that i could come on over. She knew I was lonely and she always made room for me to be part of her busy and engaging family. (A.W.) is a person that includes EVERYONE. She does not judge, she does not cast stones and never speaks meanness. She is the one that shares thoughts to look deeper, give more, care in a new way. She is thoughtful and is always giving of her time to children, family and the community. She is a person that everyone enjoys being able to say that she is their friend.

(A.W.) has an amazing sense of humor and some of my best laughs have been with her. She is resourceful and finds me pants when I need them after a drunk stupor night. She has given me her couch when I can’t drive home. Fed me and sent me with leftovers for lunch the next day as she knows I suck at cooking. There is really no room here to list all that she has done for me. I think the ultimate thing she has done though, is that she accepts me with my quirks, crazy-making behaviour, loudness, rants, antics and silliness. She still liked me after I offered her young son 40 bucks to fall down the stairs to see if he could knock his loose tooth out, (don’t kid yourself, her son was trying to figure out how to do it). I also would never have let him done it…much longer story but it was rather silly. She has stayed up late with me taking my phone calls when I need a friend and always is there for me.

Life is not perfect, nor is friendship but (A.W.) has allowed our friendship to grow and she has given value to people. I feel honored as I get to see often how she makes a difference to so many people in the community via so many avenues. She is that can-do person, is solution-focused who believes and has strong faith. She has a gentle nature and shares love and even with the people who struggle with this, they usually come around as (A.W.) just has a way. I would consider her to be a people whisperer. She takes in the strays, the wackado’s, the intense ones, the down-hearted and builds them. Encouragement is what (A.W.) is all about. She loves and gives love freely. I am thankful she is a part of my life. She has taught me great lessons as she is that leader that all of us will remember as she is not easily forgotten.

Thank you (A.W.) and your family for being kind, having faith and giving my husband and I an opportunity to be part of your kind of something special. It is just that, a piece of goodness that cannot be replaced, you are the real deal, a connector, that one that infuses greatness in a solid, calm presence that we ALL admire. I love you and am thankful for all that you do – you have made more of a difference in my life than you will ever know.


This is Day 19 of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge. If you want to follow along with all of us “challengers”, click on their links below. We appreciate you reading along with us. It is a super cool journey!

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