Day 1 – Twenty-Five Days Until Christmas for 2013!


I have decided to blog for the next 25 days about the ever present joys of Christmas and the days leading up to it. For me, Christmas is one of the happiest seasons, and as I get older it becomes more apparent how past traditions, family, friends and good times become that much more important. If you want to join in blogging with me – just add a me to you blog at the bottom and I will do the same and we will get a good following!


During this time of year, one has to keep a level head and not get bogged down in the commercialism of Christmas and work themselves up into crazy. The malls get busy, there is never enough time for wrapping, too many socials, too much money spent, and for many unhappy or unrealistic expectations of what Christmas is. I hope you’ll join me on this Christmas tale and it will conjure up some good memories for you too.
December first – that day, the one most children wait for. It begins the countdown. When I was a child, the Christmas advent chocolate calendar became my life – it my purpose every morning to jump up, race over and rip open the right chocolate door. (OK – for anyone wondering…yes I was a kid with the sweet tooth!) The daily anticipation was full of excitement and the realization that each day got us close to that magical day. Christmas day!

I am an adult now, but my pure joy in the Christmas advent calendar is still there – it is the joy of popping the box open and seeing what waits behind it. The companies are getting smarter and making advent calendars that are more than just chocolate. Yep – we have it, the Lego advent calendar and I may even show pictures of my daily Lego creations. Let’s not forget though… for the true adult, how do you beat a specialty beer advent calendar? Last year I saw them for the first time. They were so popular – it was an order in Sept for one. Don’t fret – I got in this year. I marked it on the calendar well in advanced like it was a major social event in my life so I would not miss this magical opportunity of fun.

The day has come – December 1st, I get to rip open the first day of my beer advent calendar and feel like a child all over again. What are your memories of advent calendars? Are children today as excited as they were 35 years ago with advent calendars. Happy ripping open – until tomorrow.


And now…. to finish off my night – Cheers.



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