I am a zany women who lives big and figures being real and authentic are sound ways to get by in life. I am married to a wonderful man – Drew Kirkpatrick for almost 18 years. I do not have children but have been blessed in being a foster parent and auntie to many amazing youth. I am a Social Worker that is outside the box and believes everyone has worth in life. I volunteer for unbelievable places such as altView, Strathcona Accessibility Advisory board, ERG committee as well as giving time to Fort Sask Boys and Girls Club. I love my dogs, Nellie and Phoenix. I enjoy the sound and smell of the rain,  the ocean along with old forests and bight colors as well as shiny objects – some may wonder if I am a crow! I want to be a “change-agent” in life and believe every opportunity that I am involved in has merit and teaches me a lesson and these lessons are building towards my bigger plan – not sure what it is though! I hope you enjoy my blogs and find a laugh, a smile or even one of those ah ha moments in taking time to be in and out with my thoughts.


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